For the love
of natural
skin care

Let us present Ghasel, a range of honey-rich cosmetics: the pure essence of what’s been best,
trusted and natural in daily beauty routine for ages

Pamper your skin with the bounty of vitamins, minerals and nutrients
from the highest-quality Maltese honey

GHASEL – the sweetest face and body care

Ghasel cosmetics hold the power of natural ingredients known for centuries. The unique and powerful nourishing properties of Maltese honey are the secret to the effectiveness of this exclusive range. We believe that skin care should be as natural as possible and free of any unnecessary chemical ingredients.


In the world of Ghasel honey-rich skin care YOU are the most important!
Discover cosmetics that meet all skin needs at any age. Regardless of your skin type, what you do for a living, where you live and what stage of life you are currently in – Ghasel ensures you never have to worry about the condition of your skin again!

Ghasel cosmetics

  • strongly nourish and moisturize
  • have bio stimulating properties
  • beautify and condition the skin
  • protect the skin from damage
  • reduce wrinkles
  • combat imperfections
  • soothe irritated skin

Malta is a unique place in the world – it is famous for its exceptionally pure honey. In the countryside one can find apiaries called ‘Miġbħa’ that date to Punic times. One of them is the Xemxija apiary – one of the oldest in the world.

Choose honey body and face cosmetics that provide vital care and restore balance and harmony to your skin.

Did you know that...
...Maltese honey is truly unique? It has the highest percentage of thyme pollen at 85-90%, more than any other honey in the world! It is irreplaceable in combating all skin problems. It contains a selection of vitamins and bio-elements, including: A, E, D, B1, B2, B6, C, macro elements (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium) and micro elements (iron, copper, zinc, manganese, silicon and selenium). It’s a solid dose of nourishment to your skin.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

What is the timeline for order fulfilment? Products are delivered by a courier company. Two business days is the standard delivery time, but it may be longer in cases of unexpected circumstances.
Can I place an order if I live abroad? We can ship Ghasel products abroad. By choosing the version of the website which uses your language, you can place an order and have the products delivered to your chosen country.
How can I pay for my order? You can use the Cash on Delivery payment method. We will ship the products as soon as you place your order and you will hand the amount due to the courier when you receive your parcel.
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